User-Owned Global Messenger
The global messenger MineChat shares its revenue with its users.

User-Owned Global Messenger

Good-bye ! All of Messengers.

‘MineChat’ came out, that is owned by Users.

Combining Social Media Platform + Blockchain Token Mining + Sharing Economy Benefits

World’s First Blockchain-Based Messenger, ‘MineChat’

Reasonable questions

! What does 'User' mean to Instagram•Telegram•Line•KakaoTalk?

! What are the rights of ‘Users’ to them?

Do you want to do ‘KakaoTalk' or ‘MineChat'?

Global Messenger, ‘MineChat’

The global messenger MineChat shares all profits with its users.
MineTokens will be automatically mined and saved in users’ accounts for using MineChat. MineChat automatically mines MineTokens when you use the MineChat. The company will distribute the profits corresponding to the number of MineTokens that users possess.

  • Name of Company C&BK Co., Ltd.
  • Location of company Hong Kong
  • R&D Republic of Korea
  • Overseas Partners Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia
  • PR/Marketing Republic of Korea

Core Value of ‘MineChat’

MineChat shares its net-profit with its users.

MineChat provides a variety of messaging services, including multilingual translation functions.

MineChat provides a free space for its users to advertise and sell their products, including O2O.

MineChat is a global platform accessible from all countries around the world.

Contents & Services

Global Messenger Functions

  • Real time multilingual translation
  • Speech-to-text translation
  • Convenient for communications in multicultural family and during overseas business trip

Targeted Advertising Functions

  • User-targeted advertisements based on user information (address, age, gender, career, hobby, etc.)
  • The reward program that MCTK is mined when watching advertisements.

Payment Functions

  • Charge 'Mine Cash' through credit card payment and bank transfer
  • The reward program that MCTK is mined when purchasing goods or contents with 'MineCash'

Easy Send, Receive, and Save Functions

  • Users can trade MineCash using QR codes.
  • Users can charge, transfer, withdraw, gift, and save MineCash.
  • Users can charge, transfer, withdraw, gift, and save MCTK and MineCash.

Business Model

Minechat Token

A total of 40 billion MCTK was issued, and 24 billion(60%) of this total will be available for mining by the MineChat users.
50% of the net-profit will be distributed to the users according to the number of MCTK they own.

  • SymbolMCTK
  • Total Amount of Issuance40 billion MCTK
  • AllocationUser mining 60%,Global Partners 15%, Company reserve 10%, R&D 10%, IEO Sales 5%
  • Token TypeERC-20

MCTK Mining and Sharing Economy

MineChat aims to fulfill sharing economy under its overarching philosophy that ‘the user is the owner.’

  • 60% of MineTokens will be mined by the users.
    * Mining-Criteria: (1) Registration (2) Watch Advertisements (3) Buy Products (4) Buy Contents (5) Recommended Activities (6) Others
  • The users who hold MCTK will receive 50% of MineChat’s net-profit.
  • The users can sell MCTK in the market (through coin exchange) to cash out or buy MCTK in the market (through coin exchange) to receive profit distributions.

List of Branch Offices by Country

  • Korea
  • Hong Kong
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia

Connecting with UNIONex Coin Global Exchange Platform

Road map


User 100Million


MineChat records over 1 million


MineChat launches its services in foreign countries (more than 10 countries, including China)


Completion of MineChat development.


System Development
Listing of MCTK
Build-up global partners
(Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia)


  • The MineChat Token(MCTK) business is committed to abiding by ethical management and laws, and sharing the benefits of the business with MCTK holders.
  • This white paper is incomplete, is not legally binding, and does not constitute a contractual relationship. We are not responsible for the information posted in this white paper.
  • This white paper is not the only resource you can rely on to determine your MCTK purchase. Purchase decisions for MCTK should be based on sufficient investigation and judgment.
    This white paper can not form the basis for MCTK purchase decision for any reason.
    The MCTK business does not guarantee future profits.
  • This white paper is not a complete one, and we reserve the right to change the content of this white paper at any time without notice. If we change the white paper, we'll post it on the official web site immediately.
  • This white paper is not legally binding and we are not responsible for any documentation or information posted on the official web site, including this white paper.

I firmly state that I will comply with the contents of this white paper..

Business Entity : C&BK Co., Ltd.